May 23, 2024

Why Charles’s coronation does not sit well with all Britons

Many international guests will attend the coronation of Charles III on Saturday. In London, Austrian Federal President Alexander van der Bellen will also be one of them. For the United Kingdom, the ceremony is a matter of state importance, but not all citizens are so enthusiastic about it: 58 percent of Britons are not at all interested in the coronation of the new king, according to a BBC poll.

Where does the indifference to the royal bustle and revelry come from? “Life in Great Britain is not particularly funny at the moment,” life editor Valerie Hader says in an interview with OÖN TV, referring to high inflation, the tense situation with rent prices and the imminent collapse of the health system. In addition, the coronation ceremony alone would consume millions in taxpayers’ money.

video: The royal talk with Valerie Hader in its entirety


Florian Furzinger

Editor Online / OÖN TV

Florian Furzinger


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