July 15, 2024

Why are military planes flying in airspace from Canada?

Why are military planes flying in airspace from Canada?

FurtherRepeatedly Skyhawk fighters appear in the skies over the greater Augsburg area. The machines are registered in Canada and fly under this flag.

Anyone interested in what’s happening in the sky can track flights through online services. Canadian military aircraft appear over Lechfeld in real time. There is a special reason for this.

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Douglas A-4N Skyhawk fighter-bombers, Eurofighters from Tactical Air Force Squadron 74, are part of a training exercise at Newburgh. As stated therein Air Force It was flown, among other things, in training as a “representation of the enemy” to train critical flying skills. In other words, Eurofighters approach the Skyhawks and communicate with pilots who must identify themselves. In an emergency, fighter jets called an alarm group – military jargon for “quick reaction warning” – must be in the air within 15 minutes of the alarm being raised to intercept and identify aircraft visible in southern German airspace.

Transport flights will arrive in May

Canadian military aircraft are owned by a specialized company that, among other things, provides “flying target display”. Headquartered in Canada, the company employs more than 40 fighter pilots.

In May, C-130 Hercules transport aircraft are often seen in the region. They are leading the multinational exercise Air Defender June 12-23 and handling logistics for the Americans landing in Lechfeld. Half a dozen US Air Force fighter jets are expected in Swabia. They are accompanied by around 200 soldiers.

Largest spawning exercise since NATO was founded

“Air Defender 2023” is the biggest redeployment exercise of air forces since the establishment of NATO. A total of about 100 flights, mainly from US Air National Guard, come to Germany. They have set their sights on three locations across the country: Wunnsdorf air base near Hanover plays a key role. The relevant Hohn airfield is also in northern Germany. The air force base in southern Germany would then be Lechfeld. Some neighboring European countries also participate in the exercise with their units from their own airfields. According to the Air Force, the maneuver is a purely defensive exercise that has been planned and prepared since 2021. The dimension has not been expanded since Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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If the skies are loud this time: Italian Air Force Hurricanes practice in Rhineland-Palatinate. Take off and land at Lechfield. The cyclone will remain in Lechfeld until March 17. In March, military pilots from Lapheim were to arrive at Lechfeld. Helicopters took off on training flights.

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