December 10, 2023

Gregor Gowans

Why are foreign trucks fined more often than British trucks?

According to the latest statistics from the DVSA, more than 25,500 trucks registered outside the UK have been checked on the side of the road. That’s 29 percent more than British trucks.

At the request of Trans.INFO, the office issued the following statement:

DVSA inspectors can conduct ‘desktop’ inspection visits to UK carriers and vehicle assessments. So there are many ways to control them. In contrast, we cannot do this for vehicles from carriers from other countries. It is therefore important that the DVSA performs more roadside checks of vehicles and drivers from other countries to ensure safety on our roads.”

After further analysis of DVSA data However, another question arises. Why the total value of lump sum penalties imposed on foreign truck drivers It was nine times It is one of the penalties for British truck drivers, although foreign drivers are arrested twice as often. It is worth noting here that the fine for non-British vehicles was only slightly higher than for British trucks.

The quarterly enforcement figures we publish do not take into account other fines that may be imposed on UK companies as a result of criminal proceedings. These are, for example, the most serious of multiple offenses identified during roadside inspections or after subsequent company visits and investigations. We can also report operators in the UK to Traffic Commissioners so that they can take action. Explains the DVSA.

“The law does not give us that choice when it comes to non-UK companies acts, so in their case all fines are imposed upon roadside inspection. ”

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A similar incident in Germany

Similar to Great Britain, we remember the incident last year in Germany, where the BGL gave truck drivers discounts on fines, but the difference is that the discounts apply to trucks with foreign license plates. Thus a distinction was drawn between domestic and foreign truck drivers, who paid fines 50 percent less than their German colleagues than the basic amount.