December 2, 2023

When will Fortnite go again?  Everything about the server is down before the third chapter of the third season

When will Fortnite go again? Everything about the server is down before the third chapter of the third season

in fortnite The live event is over and now all the players are staring at a screen with mushrooms on it, wondering when it will last in the end. We at MeinMMO share with you all the important information you need to know.

What happened today in Fortnite? In Fortnite, the Season 2 finale live event ended with a chaotic battle and the thwarting of IO’s diabolical plan. The Mechanics and the Seven ended the battle with a massive mech show and now all players are staring at the still image titled To Be Continued.

informations: The article is still in progress and will be constantly updated, so stay tuned.

If you want to know exactly how the event went, we have the article for you:

We’ve included the video for you here so you don’t miss a thing:

Giant battle bot defending the world in Fortnite – Watch the epic battle of Collision in the video

Fortnite server status – when can you play again?

When and how long does the downtime period last? We don’t have anything concrete about this, because in Fortnite we only see an image with the label “To be continue”. It is not yet known if the servers will be available Sunday morning, but we will continue to update this post with new information for you.

Based on the start of last season, we expect Season 3 in Fortnite to begin at noon on Sunday. Check us out at MeinMMO for the latest information.

When do patch notes come out? Usually, Epic Games publish little or no information about update changes in Battle Royale mode. These are often found by the community itself.

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However, if the update comes out, we will create a separate article about it and link it here.

Information about the new third season, chapter 3

Any news about the third season? The only known information about the new third season revolves around the leaked Battle Pass. This appeared on 4chan, a public forum. If you believe in seeing at Ground Zero with Darth Vader, there really might be some truth to that.