WhatsApp users will lose their jobs until they accept the new privacy policy

WhatsApp recently launched a new privacy policy for its users that includes new terms that ensure the app shares data with Facebook as terms of use. Although this was delayed at first, WhatsApp is now working to disable some features of the app until users accept the new privacy policy.

After the controversy caused by WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Facebook decided so Postpone changes to data sharing Between the two social networks.

WhatsApp was mentioned this last week The account has not been deleted or deactivated Those who do not accept the new terms. While this is still the case, the company has now stated that it will penalize users who do not accept the new privacy policy.

As mentioned earlier GizmodoWhatsApp updated this week Support article On their website for more details about the upcoming changes in data protection. While the company reiterates that user accounts will not be deleted, WhatsApp now states that users who reject the new terms will have “limited functionality” on their account.

Starting May 15, users may lose access to some WhatsApp features until they accept the new terms. For example, these users initially lose the ability to access the chat menu. After that, the audio and video calls will stop working and the user will no longer receive notifications of new messages on WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp says you will not lose your account if you disagree with how the company shares your data, it makes the app unhelpful for these people to force them to accept the new privacy policy.

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Since WhatsApp announced these changes, so did some users Find alternatives to messaging app. This includes Signal and Telegram, both of which provide end-to-end encryption – not to mention Apple’s iMessage.

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