October 4, 2023

Whatsapp Trick: This is How You Can Secretly "Leave" Group Chats

Whatsapp Trick: This is How You Can Secretly “Leave” Group Chats

Whatsapp group chats can also become annoying. Using this trick, users can “secretly” remove themselves from groups. (icon image)

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Whatsapp groups are often used, but you don’t always want to be part of the group. Using a trick you can also remove yourself from the chat unnoticed.

Kassel – Whatsapp group chat function is useful for many users in order to exchange ideas with several people at the same time. Whether it’s at a sports club, with co-workers, or planning a bigger event – many Messenger users can write messages in a Whatsapp group conversation.

However, sometimes, you are inadvertently added to WhatsApp groups and you don’t want to offend other users when you leave the group. However, the folk messenger provides in its principles to inform the members of the group about the activities of other participants. Thus, when the user leaves, it shows to the rest of the people in the group that that person has left the group. However, there is a trick that you can use to bypass this feature.

Whatsapp Group Chat: This Trick Removes Yourself From Annoying Chats

Officially, Whatsapp does not provide the option to “secretly” exit group chats. However, users can bypass the basic settings with a simple trick in which they simply mute the group.

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If this Whatsapp group notifications are muted, the messages from the group members will still reach the group, but you will not hear them anymore. Because if the notifications are muted, the smartphone will no longer ring or vibrate for each group message and the message will not be displayed on the screen.

Whatsapp: How to mute group notifications

To deactivate group notifications on Whatsapp, tap on the group name at the top of the screen in the chat. Android users can then select the ‘Always’ option under ‘Mute notifications’. Apple users select the “Always” option under the “Mute” item.

Users can now only see how many unread messages have been received in the group chat when they open WhatsApp. If this is too much for you, you can also solve this problem with a simple trick and remove the chat from your Whatsapp list.

Removing a Whatsapp group from the chat list: This is how it “secretly” works

If you want to make Whatsapp group disappear from chat list, you have to move it to archive. To do this, click on the group in the Whatsapp chat list for a long time. With Android, this is then marked with a small green check mark next to the group photo, with a list of various options from Apple appearing.

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Then tap the “Archive” icon (for Android) or “Archive” in the menu (for Apple devices) in the upper right corner of Whatsapp. So the chat is moved to the archive. Finally, in the Whatsapp settings under Chats and the Archived Chats option, the Leave chats archived control must be activated.

Users cannot leave the Whatsapp group, but it disappears in the archive and becomes invisible. With this trick, users also keep the back door open to be active again in the group if necessary.

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Whatsapp recently introduced a new feature. This means that chat messages delete themselves after a certain period of time (Helena Grace)