December 3, 2023

Whatsapp: Transfer chat history easily from iOS to Android

Whatsapp: Transfer chat history easily from iOS to Android

Whatsapp users can try a new function on iPhone to transfer chat history from iOS to Android. The current trial version is required.

Whatsapp is about to complete an important feature that will support the extension

Transferring chats from iOS to Android made it easier.
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So the new Transfer Feature is in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. It may take some time to activate the new functionality in this beta version. You can see if you can actually use the new feature in the current beta when you go to Settings in Whatsapp and find the option “Transfer Chats to Android” under the “Chats” menu item.

The new “Transfer Chats to Android” function transfers your chat history, including all media, from your current iPhone to your new Android smartphone. At the moment, it seems that chat transfer only works with Samsung Android smartphones. In addition, the Switch to Android app must be installed and the iPhone must remain unlocked during the transfer. It is transmitted via cable.

WABetainfo has a short video on Twitter

The process appears.

Once this feature is out of beta phase and made available to all Whatsapp users, you can easily transfer Whatsapp chat history from iPhone to Android smartphone using the onboard tools. So far, Whatsapp has only made it possible to transfer chat history internally if you keep the previous smartphone operating system when switching to a new smartphone. So when you replace an old Android smartphone with a new one or an old iPhone with a new one. Whatsapp uses your mobile operating system cloud storage for chat backup. So iCloud for iPhone and Google Drive for Android smartphones.

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This transfer option is not always available, but only when you connect a smartphone to your WhatsApp account for the first time. You can no longer follow your chat history after that, Wabetainfo confirms.

This function is not available in reverse, i.e. from Android to iOS.

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