July 16, 2024

WhatsApp Thread of Users Worry: Beyond the “Secret Change” in Settings

WhatsApp Thread of Users Worry: Beyond the “Secret Change” in Settings

WhatsApp announced Changes in terms and conditions Several users have been bothered in the last few months, and in some cases have pushed to use other messaging alternatives. Recently a chain letter circulated among WhatsApp users describing an alleged covert change of attitudes, such as Mimikama mentioned.

The news claims that WhatsApp has quietly introduced that users can be invited into groups by any other user, including those who are not on their friend list.

The wording of the news varies, but the key messages remain:

WhatsApp updated its settings last night without informing users!

You changed his group settings and added you to “Everyone”.

This means that any WhatsApp user – even if you don’t know them – can add you to any group without your knowledge and without your consent.

This means that your content can be attacked or spammed. “

WhatsApp: What about these alleged modifications?

WhatsApp: These messages are intended to destabilize the users.

Photo: Mimikama

Basically, the phrases in the messages are not correct by themselves: By using the basic settings of the WhatsApp application, users can also invite other users to any number of groups. It is also true that WhatsApp recently rolled out a new update for users.

But the big one: The new version of the messaging software hasn’t changed the settings for group invitations. The setting option for Who can invite me to join a group was set to “Everyone” from the start. In this case, there can be no doubt about the secret adaptation by WhatsApp.

By the way, until 2019, users did not have the opportunity to modify this option. It was only possible to adjust the settings in Settings for about two years, whether you were invited to groups by everyone, friends only or no one. So if you don’t want to end up in spam clusters then you have to make the modification manually in the messaging software settings. We’ll show you how to do this In this practical advice.

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