WhatsApp: This is how you can easily modify the missing features


WhatsApp is popular, but the messaging program lacks competition functions – like delay sending messages. This is how you can easily tweak practical features.

WhatsApp can do more! So you expand your messenger with 5 practical features. (Source: diego_cervo /Depositphotos.com)

  • WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging software out there.
  • But some practical features are missing. So you are promoting them

Prophet The WhatsApp Meanwhile, it became the standard channel of communication for us. No wonder the app allows free communication with friends, relatives and acquaintances all over the world – via chat, phone or video.

Over the years, Facebook Messenger has continuously developed, but WhatsApp still misses some features and that can be very annoying, in particular. WhatsApp alternatives Like Telegram or Signal that they provide sometimes.

Send messages at a specified time

Regardless of whether it is New Year’s greetings at the turn of the year or Christmas greetings at midnight – sometimes you want to write a message in advance and then send it at a certain time. But WhatsApp does not offer such a previous functionality.

You can modify it quickly and easily with an additional tool. We show you in a separate brochure how to you WhatsApp messages sent with a delay.

Convert voice messages to text

Got a voice message that lasted for minutes and you don’t want to hear it? Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not provide the option to auto-transcribe previous audio messages.

But there is also a tool for this that you can take Convert WhatsApp voice messages to text Then you will be able to read it comfortably.

Account switching

Do you use separate WhatsApp accounts for private and professional communication and want to use them on one cell phone? WhatsApp doesn’t provide functionality for this either. But you can mess around with most cell phones using the standard gadgets. So you are using Two WhatsApp accounts on one cell phone And switching accounts.

Print the chat

Want to print a WhatsApp chat? The Messenger does not have a job for this previous work either. But there are a few tricks you can use Print WhatsApp conversations Could you.

Detailed statistics

WhatsApp provides a function with which you can see the number of messages sent. Overall, however, the messenger’s statistical functions are relatively weak. If you want to evaluate your chat behavior in detail then you should go to this Whatsapp analysis tool To seize.

Chat bubbles

With Android 11, Google introduced the option to pin running chats to the screen as bubbles so that you can access them more quickly. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not support this function yet. The Activate chat bubbles on WhatsApp anyway.

Public chat groups

The WhatsApp Telegram competitor provides the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people on public chat groups. WhatsApp lacks such functionality; The chat groups are usually only for private communication between acquaintances. With You can also find a trick in public WhatsApp groups.

Automatic replies to messages

Are you in the car or in a meeting and can’t reply to incoming WhatsApp messages? Of course you could write that in your case, but whether everyone reads it is questionable. Wouldn’t it be convenient to send an automatic out-of-office message to your contacts? WhatsApp can’t do what is possible with an email program using the standard tools, but we’ll show you How can you still reply to incoming messages on WhatsApp with automatic messages.

Send uncompressed pictures

WhatsApp compresses the images before sending them. There is no option to send the images in their original quality, or at least in high quality. But with a trick You send her uncompressed pictures via WhatsApp.

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