October 4, 2023

WhatsApp Tests: Playback Speed ​​and Voice Message Review Tool

WhatsApp Tests: Playback Speed ​​and Voice Message Review Tool

I managed to get a place in WhatsApp beta test Safe thus you have the opportunity to test the functions beforehand. And WhatsApp offers new betas for AB tests – not all functions are immediately triggered for all testers. For me, the new functions are not only released at a later time, but they also appear very reliably in the official version soon afterwards.

We already have it in March mentionedThat WhatsApp has created a new option to play voice messages faster. This exact function is now active in the latest beta version. Here you can play messages at a rate of 1.5 or twice. This is especially useful for very long messages.

Firstly, you have to press the play button, then you can change the speed by clicking on the display speed.

A new revision tool is in progress

For example, the new review tool for voice messages is not yet active for me. to me WABetaInfo You can listen to the recorded messages again before sending them – and possibly re-record them.

It would certainly make sense if WhatsApp made both functions available to everyone at the same time – after all, they fit together in terms of theme. These are currently experimental functions that can only be used by a select group of users.