May 18, 2024

Whatsapp introduces a new feature – now you can block chats

The new Whatsapp feature

“Thank you Mark Zuckerberg – now I can cheat in peace”

More privacy or a new feature for people with something to hide? Users can now block chats, which will no longer be shown in the inbox.


Chats are moved to a separate folder and can only be opened with a code or biometric data.


  • According to the company, the new functionality is available immediately.

  • The new feature is especially convenient for people who share their phones with other people.

  • Blocked chats are moved from the inbox to a separate folder.

With “extra protection for highly personal conversations”. WhatsApp his new role. The new feature is particularly suitable for people who share their phones with other people, for example other family members. Or in cases where someone else picks up their cell phone and then a private message arrives. According to the company, the new functionality should be available in some countries immediately. Apparently, Switzerland is not one of them.

“It’s a promotion for people who cheat.”

Accordingly, chats that are blocked from the inbox are moved to a separate folder. Messages can only be unlocked with the device password or biometric data such as the owner’s fingerprint. To block a chat, one has to tap on the name of the contact or group and select the ‘Block’ option, as the company writes further.

Like Facebook, Whatsapp belongs to the meta group. Accordingly, the meta boss Mark Zuckerberg’s name was mentioned in the comments on social media. There, users scoff at the fact that the new function can play cheaters. For example, one user comments: “This is amazing. Mark Zuckerberg opens doors for fraud.”

Another user writes: “I am worried about the new job. It’s an upgrade for people who cheat.” In further comments, the same horn was blown: “Well done, Mark. This is an important feature of more and more divorces and separations” and: “Thanks Mark, now I can cheat in peace,” says there.

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