Whatsapp: 3rd blue tick – that’s behind the news

There is a rumor currently circulating in Whatsapp. The messenger is allegedly working on the introduction of a third blue tick. Now beta portal comments on it.

Germany – Will there soon be a third blue tick on Whatsapp? It seems that many WhatsApp users have been notified of the corresponding update. The message is just a rumor, I know RUHR24*.

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Whatsapp rumor: 3rd blue tick allegedly informs about screenshots

It is said that with a future update, the messenger is supposed to soon develop a third blue tick. According to the message, this should always be shown when the chat partner takes a screenshot.

As is generally known, there are currently two ticks: a gray tick appears, when the message is sent; Once it arrives, two gray marks appear. When the recipient then reads the message, the ticks turn blue – unless the user turns this function off (digital news*in RUHR24).

WhatsApp fake news: There is no third blue tick in the layout

The third hook, which provides information about screenshots, seems useful – but the update will not be available. like beta gate WABetainfo Now via Twitter, the message is a false report.

“WhatsApp is not developing a third blue tick to recognize screenshots,” the portal explains via a tweet. Moreover: it is “fake news”.

Whatsapp: Warning, fake news (avatar) is circulating.

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Whatsapp: Beware, phishing attacks can hide behind fake news

It is clear that it has not been determined whether the report was merely a harmless rumor or an attempt to defraud. Like the experts at Netzwelt.de And Chip Explain that it cannot be ruled out that a phishing attack is hiding behind the fake message. So anyone who receives such a message should delete it immediately.

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as Netzwelt.de Remember, it happened quite often in the past that criminals took advantage of false reports about alleged WhatsApp updates. a An example of this is the supposed new blue design of the Messenger*. Behind this message was a deceptive phishing attempt. *RUHR24 is part of the Editing Network IPPEN.MEDIA.

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