June 23, 2024

What we know about the UK-specified 'Deltacron' hybrid variant

What we know about the UK-specified ‘Deltacron’ hybrid variant

Britain’s Health Safety Agency said on Friday it had detected the first case of “deltacron” hybrid contamination. This variation is placed in the list of mutations ‘under watch’ and ‘under investigation’.

This is an invention that has gone unnoticed across the channel. on the siteBritish Health Authority (UKHSA), UK health officials said they had discovered a mutation in ‘combining’ delta and omegranate variants in a person with Covid-19 disease. The ‘Deltacron’ variant was added to the species list under ‘Tracking’ on Friday, February 11th. Midi Shipping Provides an update on the discovery of the first hybrid pollution phenomenon.

The first case of “deltacrone” contamination?

At the beginning of January, Leondios Gustrikis, Professor of Biology at the University of Cyprus, He said he discovered this new mutation in the virus By analyzing samples taken from the general public and patients in hospitals.

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Many experts soon questioned this result. Maria Van Kerkhove, who is leading the fight against Cuvette at the World Health Organization (WHO), said the “Deltagron” was definitely contaminated during sequencing.

Hybrid variant, how is that possible?

according to glass, UK health officials believe the patient identified had both a delta variant and an omegran variant: a single cell could be contaminated with two types. Then the virus carries two types of mutations. It is also not known whether the patient contracted the disease in the United Kingdom or another country.

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The dangerous alternative?

By categorizing omegran and delta “inclusion” in the list of variables to watch, the UK Health Authority is focusing on investigating their susceptibility and how they become infected. But British health officials want to be reassured: they say they are investigating several cases of hybrid contamination, which is currently considered “low” in the country. daily Mail.