June 23, 2024

What unites the Euro and the father of the university

The former finance minister is now an honorary doctor from Augsburg: “I consider Augsburg my own university,” Weigel says, even though he studied elsewhere.

The CSU honorary president holds a doctorate in law Theo Weigel More than 50 years later, in 1967 he received his doctorate in the constitutional order of agriculture. Now there is another title: an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Augsburg. Wolfgang Schultze, dean of the Faculty of Economics, praised Waigel for his lifetime work in economics and business administration at an award ceremony in Augsburg City Hall’s Golden Hall on Tuesday evening.

From the upper tube Krumbach Weigel, a former finance minister and known as the “Father of the Euro”, expressed his heartfelt gratitude: “It is with great joy and restrained pride” that he accepts the honorary doctorate. “Augsburg “Although I was not able to study at Augsburg when I started my studies in 1959, I consider it my home university,” asserted the 83-year-old. Weigel followed suit. Würzburg and Munich. His children and nieces followed and successfully studied history and law at Augsburg.

Former Federal President Kohler praised Theo Waikal

Horst Köhler, the former federal president who Weigel describes as “the closest person to him in political work” as state secretary during his time as German finance minister, gave a eulogy.

“As Federal Finance Minister, Theo Weigel thought beyond everyday politics,” Kohler said in front of more than 400 guests. “In the mid-1990s, he and his organization developed a fiscal policy work plan designed to last a decade, which sought to achieve a lasting balance between an efficient state on the one hand and a competitive economy on the other.” Its core elements are also striking in view of today’s fiscal policy challenges. Trusted, decent and competent in this matter, is how Kohler characterized his friend, with whom he negotiated, for example, the financial framework for the withdrawal of Russian troops from East Germany. No matter how turbulent the political scene: “Theo Weigel went his whole way with disarming philanthropy. It shows a deep insight into human science.”

Photo: Michael Hochgemuth

Photo: Michael Hochgemuth

They paid tribute to Weigel (from left): former federal president Horst Köhler, university president Sabine Doering-Monteufel, honorary dean Wolfgang Schultz and science minister Markus Bloom.

In her congratulatory message, the Lord Mayor of Augsburg, Eva Weber, said that Weigel’s faith in “advise, decide, reason” will always be in her heart. University president Sabine Doering-Monteufel acknowledged Weigel’s commitment to the university, emphasizing that medicine and physics have some. Without his dedication the departments would not exist today. And for Bavaria’s Science Minister Markus Blume, the honoree is “the joy of science, a true Bavarian Swabian and a stalwart European”. Bloom addressed Weigel directly: “You have written German and European history and opened new worlds to us.”

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Even during his prime in politics, Theo Weigel – now Dr. Re. Pole. hc-the University of Augsburg closely linked. From 1985 to 2020 he was a member of the Board of Trustees, including 15 years as Chairman. “From humble beginnings, Swabia has grown into a university with national and international recognition,” Weigel said in his acceptance speech. All admirers agree that the latter applies to him.

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