December 10, 2023

What to expect from iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

The “iPhone 14 Pro“The series could stand out without a notch, an A16 processor and a 48MP camera. That’s what the phones are rumored to look like.

The rumors surrounding the “iPhone 14 Pro” have shifted from a drastic redesign to a more frequent update. However, if the rumors prove true, Apple may work to widen the gap between the Standard and Pro models with different designs and chipsets.

Leaked plans And it revealed that Apple will keep the large camera bumper and the similar dimensions of the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max”. The only notable difference is the bean and slotted holes used in place of the slit.

Reducing the edges and removing the notch can file Longer screen. Lots of rumors about Grain and hole holes With supply chain analyst Ross Young, Bloomberg This change is supported by Mark Gorman and Twitter whistleblower

The pill-shaped slot contains the components required for Face ID

Meanwhile, the aperture is used for the selfie camera stopping birth control pills houses Face ID elements. The screen will wrap around these cutouts, allowing information about the area to be displayed rather than hidden behind a black hole, but the cutouts are expected to last More space hinted by the initial rumors.

The upgraded 48MP camera and bezel are rumored to be exclusive to professional iPhone models, but that’s not all. Other leaks suggest that Apple can do this Keep the A16 processor For the “iPhone 14 Pro” and continue to use the A15 for the standard models. everybody “iPhone 14“The models will have 6GB of RAM, but the difference in processor would be a huge departure from Apple’s usual strategy.

According to the latest leaks, the rear camera won't malfunction anywhere

According to the latest leaks, the rear camera won’t malfunction anywhere

Other rumors were much rarer, such as the rumor shared in July 2021 suggesting that Apple would do so The use of titanium alloy For the frame “iPhone 14 Pro”. In addition, ProMotion can stay The iPhone is a professional feature, according to Ross Young.

Share the first rumors about the “iPhone 14”. John Prosser It has not been repeated in recent leaks. do it The iPhone showed no camera bump, a single camera hole, rounded volume buttons, and multiple speaker holes at the base, reflecting the iPhone 5’s design.


iPhone 14 Pro lineup

Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max during its annual events September event. Prices don’t usually leak, but Apple in general strives to keep pricing consistent across generations.