What Haas wants from Schumacher

KNaked ads are useful. The guiding person knows where they are right away. we take Mike SchumacherThe 23-year-old is a sophomore Formula 1 driver. His contract with the Haas racing team expires on January 1, 2023. Schumacher’s team owner, billionaire Gene Haas, more or less dictated the German’s continuation of work a few days before the US Grand Prix Sunday in Austin: Score and Don’t Crash! This has become a kind of mantra in the US team when it comes to the son of the record world champion. Nothing can be heard about the nuances in public. For example, by trying to find an inexperienced pilot with potential, Gene Haas is sure to develop it step by step. Admittedly, this is not the norm on every racing team, but there are training centers. Sauber alias Alfa Romeo is one of them. Alpha Tauri also follows the concept of development in which errors are allowed to a certain extent within a certain period of time. The program is difficult but there is one thing.

On the other hand, Haas flirts with his turn backwards. Two years ago, team boss Gunther Steiner was still promoting his junior program: Haas wanted to find his way back into midfield with two juniors, despite all the experience. Russia’s Mazpine didn’t stand a chance against Schumacher until he was fired for his connection to attacking warrior Putin. However, the stark difference in performance did not develop Schumacher. At the Formula 1 level, only the pilots who circle around eye level drive themselves. new colleague Kevin Magosin It is a decent reference. In this regard, Schumacher is gaining some experience this year that he was not able to do in the first season: he had to go to the limit to be able to beat his teammate. There are two things to notice since summer. First, it succeeds more and more. Second: The team management misses every opportunity to strengthen Schumacher’s Coram Publico. This is all the more surprising as the driver is clearly biting his tongue when the demands of team management and the realities of racing vary widely, as was the case the last time at the Grand Prix at Suzuka. There, Schumacher’s best-placed strategists spoiled with a chance-based strategy, the good possibility of what Gene Haas is now asking of him: points.

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