June 17, 2024

What does Bibi do now with eleven strikers?

What does Bibi do now with eleven strikers?

FCB coach Alex Frey is confused in attack. From now on, Bebbi has eleven (!) Strikers on their team. At Nau.ch, opinions differ.


The basics in brief

  • Nati striker Andy Zekeri is now playing for FC Basel.
  • With the new arrival, Bayern now have eleven strikers in the squad.
  • Opinions differ on Nau.ch.

national striker Andy Zekri signs yesterday In FC Basel. The 23-year-old, who has played seven times for the national team, signs a loan deal with an option to buy.

FCB has now Eleven strikers on the team: Amdoni, Augustine, Fernandez, Kadi, Latif, Millar, Ndwi, Sene, Szalay, Toshi and of course Zekeri.

Isn’t that too much? He has the head of FCB Missed the team layout? At Nau.ch, opinions differ.

Basel has eleven strikers in the squad. Is this acceptable?

Says Misha Zbinden, Editor-in-Chief of Nau.ch

“Eleven strikers on one team, that’s a whole football team! I’ve rarely seen or heard anything like this. The layout at FCB again seems completely incomprehensible. Or just a complete mess.

In Basel, not many strikers would be happy on the bench even if they made it. Coach Alex Free He’ll have to have a lot of boring conversations to keep his co-stars happy. But: Zekri is a great transition, an introduction.”

This is says Michchi Wechstein, Senior Football Correspondent Nau.ch

“It’s great that Bayern have so many greats like Zaki Amdouni (21), Dan Ndwi (21) and Andy Zakiri (23). Swiss national teamThe players on the team. By the way, they were all in Lausanne. But I’m not evaluating the personnel policy of FCB President Dave Deggin yet.

The truth is: there will be incredible competition in attack, no one can take a break even for a minute. If this had a positive effect on the pitch, Degen did everything right and Alex Free You can celebrate many goals. In the end, only results shown on the field count here. Plus, it’s entirely possible for someone else to go away.”

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