November 28, 2023

What Deshaun Watson's cryptic tweet might actually mean

What Deshaun Watson’s cryptic tweet might actually mean

When Deshaun Watson sent out a mysterious tweet late Tuesday, NFL fans everywhere immediately started jumping to conclusions.

Those were the four words the Texas midfielder posted on Twitter. The fact that it came only two hours later The Houston Chronicle reported that Texas hired Nick Casereo To be their general manager he has many Texas fans ready to jump off the nearest cliff.

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Is Watson breathing on social media because he’s tired of Texans trying to turn themselves into the Patriots of South by hiring another New England guy?

The responses to his tweet are a mix of Texas fans who have lost their collective mind and fans of every other team posting Photoshop-altered photos of the midfielder in their favorite team’s jersey.

Of course, nobody knows what Watson was talking about.

Here’s what we know: Watson spent Tuesday morning and afternoon aboard a private jet with girlfriend Gelly Anis and his friends on a flight to celebrate Anais’s 25th birthday. Videos from that trip Posted on Instagram Anees.

After they landed, two big news broke out.

First, Texas hired a general manager that fans are not happy with, but no one knows how Watson feels about the move.

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Two public prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisk, decided not to press criminal charges against police officers in the August shooting of Jacob Blake.

Blake, a black man, was paralyzed after being shot seven times by a White Kenosha police officer on August 23. The shooting led to nationwide protests, including the NBA’s three-day shutdown and the postponement of the Major League Baseball and WNBA games as well.

Watson was politically active after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd, a Houston citizen, in May. Watson appeared in the Black Lives Matter video alongside other NFL stars and attended the mega-protest organized by Black Lives Matter in downtown Houston shortly after Floyd’s death. Watson too Donate soccer jerseys featuring Floyd’s initials to Floyd’s alma mater Yates High School.

Dishon Restaurant: I ate Dishon Watson’s favorite steak with hot cheetos. It was an experience.

Maybe Watson wasn’t happy, either TMZ posted photos on Tuesday of Watson without a mask At Anais’s birthday party at Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse. Of course, Watson’s season is over, so renting a room to his girlfriend and friends for the off-season is not against any NFL rules.

Then again, Watson might have just signed up for a hotel he’d visited before and again, they gave him two queen beds in place of the king he definitely had booked. We have all been there before.

Some things never change …