June 21, 2024

What advantages does the platform offer to work?

What advantages does the platform offer to work?


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A recent study by Ciena examined workers’ opinions on the use of immersive and connected digital platforms. Nearly three-quarters of respondents find the metaverse a useful tool for their work.

According to the new Ciena study, 72 percent of German workers surveyed believe that immersive platforms like Metaverse can be useful tools for work. Most participants worldwide, 96 percent, believe that virtual meetings provide added value. 78 percent said they are interested in using more comprehensive virtual environments compared to existing video conferencing platforms. In addition, 72% of German respondents prefer a virtual reality room for meetings. 84 percent would like to conduct formal interactions such as evaluations in the metaverse.

Unreliable networks are an obstacle to the Metaverse

Despite the great interest in the Metaverse, 38 percent of respondents worldwide see untrusted networks as the biggest obstacle. German respondents believe that most companies have not yet moved workplaces to VR collaboration due to the cost (3 percent). And 33 percent cited concerns that companies do not know how to implement the platform.

When asked how they portray themselves, they will

35 percent of respondents said they would choose an avatar to represent themselves in the virtual world. This can reflect her true self. In Germany, 35% said they would look like their real counterparts. 21 percent would choose an avatar that looks like a more perfect version of themselves. And 11 percent will be represented by a pop culture figure.

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The survey revealed that 60 percent of German respondents could imagine that the metaverse would become part of their daily work operations. On average around the world, 71 percent of those surveyed shared this view. Globally, 40 percent of survey respondents believe their workplace will evolve from a traditional or static environment to a more immersive and virtual reality-based environment within the next two years. However, at the local level, only 30 percent of German respondents share this view.

Use augmented reality platforms to work

It is clear that companies are ready to move to the Metaverse. And using augmented reality platforms to work, said Anders Grand, Senior Regional Director for Northern, Eastern and Central Europe at Ciena. “While network reliability is an issue, service providers are taking steps to create more resilient, reliable and scalable networks. These are ready for the low latency and high bandwidth requirements of these virtual spaces.”

About the study methodology: A total of 15,000 business people were surveyed for the study, including 1,000 each from the following countries and regions: UK, Germany, Norway, Middle East, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Colombia, India, USA, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Singapore. The study was conducted in June 2022 by Censuswide on behalf of Ciena. sina It is a provider of network systems, services and software. By delivering best-in-class networking technology, Ciena builds resilient networks that are automated, open, and scalable. (SG)

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