June 17, 2024

What a true American is saying about the debate over the "Hindi" language - people

What a true American is saying about the debate over the “Hindi” language – people

“I am Berlin – and I am Indian …”

After the controversy over green politician Bettina Garash (52) and her statement about her childhood dream (to be an Indian president), there was criticism from the Voice Police from within their political ranks.

But what does a true “Native American” say about the Hindi word “quarrel”?

Robert Alan Packard (67) is a model, actor (“Manitou shoes”), who has lived in Germany for 25 years and now lives in a small garden hut in Berlin.

It is to Bild: “The look in the eyes is more important than the word. You can call me what you want, as long as you can look at your soul with eyes open. When you say the words from a good heart, it is okay.”

Packard (from South Dakota) knows the feeling between worlds. “My father was a Dakota Sioux, and my mother was across the river Lakota. I was born between worlds – no problem.”

His life has been marked by many changes. In the Vietnam War, Packard voluntarily fought the United States. In the foreground. He joined the army at the age of 17. His father was already stationed in Germany for the Air Force. But after this dismissal as a soldier, Packard also suffered from being marginalized.

As a veteran, he did not even land a job as a parking lot attendant upon his return to the United States. As an unpopular ex-soldier with Indian roots, the man from the reserve had a hard time. Packard returned to Germany.

Here he became a model, selling Indian costumes and making movies. He played Michael “Bully” Herbig (52) and Til Schweiger (57) and is an important part of the new Winnetou movie. On the set in Croatia, he made sure to well vocalize the actors and introduced the customs and dances of his tribal culture.

He lives in the capital, Reza, in his small kingdom, grows pumpkins and tomatoes in the garden and smiles. “Berlin is nice to me. Hope I can make a movie again soon.”