May 23, 2024

What a feeling: young FC St. Gallen's B-team defeated seasoned Cervitis 2-1 in Geneva

What a feeling: young FC St. Gallen’s B-team defeated seasoned Cervitis 2-1 in Geneva

End of the tournament

What a feeling: young FC St. Gallen’s B-team defeated seasoned Cervitis 2-1 in Geneva

With a completely unexpected trio in western Switzerland, eastern Switzerland finished the season in seventh. Boys know how to shine and how to fight!

Salifu Diarasuba scores 1-0 for FC St. Gallen.

Photo: Cyril Zingaro / Keystone

Game rating

It might be a sweep at the end of the tournament. But FC St. Gallen fights in solidarity, defends man and mouse, and puts pinpricks on. And he proves for the first time that something grows behind the first team. The reward is a deserved 2-1 win over traditional club Servet. Game score: 4.5


  • 0: 1, 12th minute, Salifou Diarrassouba: St. Gallen fast forward, Diarrassouba launches the attack. The ball returns to the 19-year-old via Pecio and Campos, closes perfectly and hits the crossbar.
  • 0: 2, minute 45, Alessio Besio: After a free kick before the break, the ball comes to Besio, the striker proves his goal instinct and hits directly.
  • 1: 2, the 56th minute, Boubacar Fofana: Cervatia hits after the Waltz corner of the checkpoint. This is precisely the stage when St. Gallen is 10 years old on the field and is affected.

Game analysis

FC St. Gallen in the Stade de Genève begins with a formation in the final tournament game that will never be played again. It is a B team nominated by coach Peter Ziedler. None of the potential trophy finalists’ names are on the field – which is why they amount to a Test match. What a wonder, because it was no longer about anything for either side. This does not prevent the guest from eastern Switzerland from finding their way into the game better, after twelve minutes and the first chance he leads thanks to a Diarsuba goal. That’s surprising, especially since Servette almost shows up with the best possible cast.

Cheers St. Gallen after the tour.

Cheers St. Gallen after the tour.

Photo: Urs Lindt / Freshfocus

After the tour, Servette is getting better and has two options, and it’s also raining more and more now. But it doesn’t get really dangerous, even if she owns more than 70 percent. Before the halftime whistle, there was a buzz, with St. Gallen leading 2-0 with a free kick and then a direct shot from Pisio. Servette is served, and perhaps Alain Geiger was more than that, one would have liked to have listened to the Geneva cabin.

After the break, Servettiens are clearly trying to reduce the gap. For the time being they have not succeeded. But then they take advantage of the inexperience of the St. Galleries, who are temporarily only ten in Boubacar Traoris due to a suspected rib injury. After the corner, Boubacar Fofana hits the untenable support for communication.

Miroslav Stefanovic in a duel with Nasana Simon (right).

Miroslav Stefanovic in a duel with Nasana Simon (right).

Photo: Urs Lindt / Freshfocus

Now pouring out of buckets, organized game is hardly possible anymore. Servette is no longer really mandatory after 1: 2, and St.Gallers have tried their hand in relief attacks. Zidler changes merrily, giving many Premier League players minutes they never had. Servette still has a chance to equalize, but you can see that with every move, the boys give their best. And bring home what no one thought was possible.


The whole team, but very young FC St. Gallen. How she fearlessly presents herself against old hands is admirable. Her biting and insistence against the 17-time Swiss champion in solidarity deserves the most praise. It is solidarity.

the worst

no one.

I noticed

Coach Peter Zedler allowed three players to make their debuts in the last game of the season from the start: Lucas Watcoviak, Alessio Pessio and David Jakovic. The starting line-up for his B team in Geneva is nearly 21 years old, and there are a lot of players (Patrick Sutter, Nana Simon or Salifu Diarasuba) who do not belong to the tribe and will not be in the team in the Cup final in Bern: Boubacar Traore and Moussa Noah will likely be excluded . As the game progressed, Zidler sent more players onto the field who had not played a competitive match for St. Gallen.

Alessio Besio scored in his debut for FCSG.

Alessio Besio scored in his debut for FCSG.

Photo: Urs Lindt / FRESHFOCUS

Notice II

Pessio, Alessio: He is the son of former footballer Claudio Bisio, who moved from FC Oswell to FC St. Gallen in 1989. They then completed some matches at the highest level for Swiss East. Alessio is 17 years old, considered a talent, and immediately makes his debut with FC St. Gallen.


Tim Stopley: “In the end I had cramps and now I have to rejuvenate to be ready again on Monday. I am so proud that I am now captain of St. Gallen. We wanted to come here and have fun, be brave and deceive. We performed as a team, and we always kept positive. “We defended together, we attacked together. We are now really happy to win. Now comes the Cup Final.”

Peter Ziedler: “It’s unbelievable that we managed to win here. Winning is something special. I am really proud. We are in front of Zurich club. This gives the right mood for Mondays. There are still a few vanquished, but I don’t want to reveal too much about that now. Now we have to sleep three more times and then we are in Wankdorf. Our game showed me that we made the right decision. The fact that FC Lucerne started with the best team in the last match is up to him. Then we will see what is right. ”

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