May 18, 2024

West Ham United Blues are interested in Fannesteel

Globetrotter Lutz Pfannenstiel celebrates success in the United States as athletic director. This does not go unnoticed in the Premier League either.

Sparked interest from the Premier League: Lutz Pfannenstiel.
IMAGO / Sven Simon

Lutz Pfannenstiel will turn 50 on Friday. The St. Louis athletic director can’t stop celebrating from a sporting standpoint, either. After several years of construction, the newly formed club started in Major League Soccer for the first time and, after eleven games, was at the top of the table with the Seattle Sounders with 20 points in the Western Conference.

Pfannenstiel seems to have put together a very strong team. With former Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Burki, former goalkeeper Pfannestiel did not just bring in a former Bundesliga player. Former German under-21 international Eduard Lewin (Augsburg, Hertha Berlin, Bochum) has also been drawn to St. Louis, and the top target is current Hoffenheim striker Joao Claus de Melo with five goals. The South African coach is also very well known in Germany, he was a professional player in Stuttgart for 20 years and then in Gladbach, Karlsruhe and Rostock.

West Ham already asked – and blinked

Pfannenstiel also worked for many years scouting at TSG and left Hoffenheim for Düsseldorf in December 2018, where he was Director of Sports until May 2020. After that, Pfannenstiel, already known as a globetrotter as a player, looked for a new challenge in the USA. He took advantage of the current St. Louis.

Word traveled to Europe as well. According to the kicker’s information, two clubs from England are interested in Fanninstill. In addition to Nottingham Forest, West Ham United are said to be particularly interested in the 50-year-old. The Premier League club is said to have given explanations to the St Louis royal family, Taylor. However, to get a friendly but firm refusal.

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In just over two years, Pfannenstiel had practically stuffed a professional team and infrastructure out of nowhere. The project is just beginning, Pfannenstiel is contractually bound to the club until the end of 2024 with an option for another year.

In his active career, being the first player to play professional matches in all six confederations, Pfannenstiel has also played between positions several times for English clubs (Wimbledon, Nottingham, Bradford and Huddersfield) and is well connected to the island.