Werner Herzog calls many films junk

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Director Werner Herzog, 80, spoke about his work in Berlin and was tough on other people’s films.

When asked how he handles the flood of images today, with a wide variety of offerings broadcast serviceen, he said on Tuesday, “I see relatively few films. And of course I know that almost everything is junk.”

This is also the case at large festivals. Was: 90% rubbish. Berlinale: 95% rubbish. Venice: 90% junk. Same with the series. “But the difference is that my films are different and better too.”

Kinemathek is currently showing an exhibition on Herzog, who was born in Munich and now lives in the USA. He has, for example, “Fitzcaraldo” with Klaus Kinski and “Queen of the Desert”. Nicole Kidman Filmed and documentaries such as “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” and “Encounters of the Apocalypse” are about Antarctica.

Wasn’t he afraid that something wouldn’t work out? There has always been something known in Catholicism – the certainty of salvation, Duke said. “That is why you can come into the gladiator arena and sing. And the wild lions are there. And your certainty of salvation allows you to stand tall and transcend.” There were always setbacks, but he never had any doubts about his films.

In his opinion, making films has never been easier

It’s getting worse, Herzog said, because “the whole waking culture is suddenly setting frames that kill film and creativity.” At the press conference, the director also reported how he once got into trouble while filming on a Japanese train platform and what writing meant to him.

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He does not want to write worse than Kafka or Kleist. “This means that if I publish a book – for example ‘Conquest of theeless’ or ‘On Walking in the Ice’ – it must be no worse than what Buchner wrote.”

Commenting that it worked, he replied, “Thank you, I know.”

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