June 21, 2024

Werder did not go on a big winter trip

Werder did not go on a big winter trip

The suitcases weren’t packed yet, but SV Werder Bremen was thinking long and hard about the long journey. During the winter, there will be times when Bundesliga sporting activities take a long break due to the World Cup in Qatar. But instead of opening up new markets in Southeast Asia or North America, the green and white could have stayed home.

“We looked at a lot of different options, including Vietnam,” said sports director Frank Baumann. “But I’m more likely to stay here and play a few games in Germany before the players go on holiday.” Specifically, the Bundesliga is suspended from November 13 to January 20, as the trip will be a statement. “Build” after the first week and a half from the start of the break.

But so far the general conditions for long-distance travel do not seem to be perfect. “The whole package has to be relevant, and at the moment it’s not,” says Baumann. “Because the sport is still going on there, it’s difficult to find suitable opponents and achieve TV presence.” The same is true of North America as discussed in Canada. A final decision is still pending, but according to Bauman, it should be made by early September.

Such long-distance travel is primarily about economic interests, driven by the German Football League (DFL). In the form of the video “Butter bei die Fischen”, Werder managing director Klaus Philpry recently spoke about the target markets of Vietnam and Canada: “Both are important markets for the German football league for internationalization.” Nearly 100 million people are “an incredible economic force”. Werder are looking to boost their profile abroad with their commitment. At best, it brings in new sponsors. The DFL does not pay incalculable sums to traveling clubs – after all, the Bundesliga needs to be better marketed in the future. Vietnam and Canada are countries that have not yet been targeted like the US or China. “We don’t want to go into areas that are already flooded by big clubs in the top leagues,” Filbrey told OurTeacherstube in 2020.

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The topic has been around for a long time. Werder have traveled several times in recent years. In 2014 we went to China and in early 2019 a winter training camp was held in South Africa. Werder has been socially involved in Vietnam for several years and has “already started some activities” through its CRS department, according to Filbry. “In this respect, Vietnam is definitely an amazing country – for us and for the league.” So the topic will focus. If not in winter, suitcases can be packed at another time.

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