June 23, 2024

Webrepublic gets “Mobile Web” certification from Google

Webrepublic is now “Mobile Web” certified by Google. According to her own statements, the agency is one of the first in Switzerland and globally.

Martin Stadelmann, Head of the SEO Team at Webrepublic.

More and more people are turning to their smartphones rather than their computers to get information and get things done. They expect quick and personalized experiences. However, compared to the desktop versions, mobile sites often fall short in terms of user experience and load times. Businesses invest in optimizing their websites and mobile stores to increase conversion rates and increase engagement. This is also necessary to generate useful data for the first party and use advertising spending as efficiently as possible.

Google partner agencies that do an excellent job in these areas are awarded the Mobile Web certification. Webrepublic in Zurich was the first Swiss agency to receive this certification.

For this, the six certified employees of the Webrepublic SEO team have completed a multi-stage screening process. In addition to the single “Drive growth through mobile experience” certification, it was also necessary to demonstrate business and technical knowledge. In addition, there is a PageSpeed ​​audit being implemented in the marketplace and a UX audit. The global Google Mobile Web Certification team is responsible for evaluating the exam and ensuring that the agency addresses these types of projects holistically and that they successfully complete these types of projects.

“With Google’s ‘Mobile Web’ certification, we’re demonstrating that our advice starts exactly where there’s a lot of potential – and there will be more to come,” explains Martin Stadelmann, Webrepublic’s Head of SEO. “It is critical for our customers to use our mobile network’s impeccable usability tool and ensure that users convert.”

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