December 3, 2023

Weather in Switzerland: the weekend will be 🤮, but then the sun will come

Weather in Switzerland: the weekend will be 🤮, but then the sun will come

Weather: It will be the weekend 🤮, but then the sun will come

Soon possible again: sunbathing. Photo: cornerstone

At the weekend, an active cold front will pass through Switzerland, but next week it will gradually begin in perfectly stable summer weather, MeteoNews wrote in a press release.

Before the cold front comes to us tomorrow Saturday in the second half of the day, it is sometimes a little in the alpine valleys and still friendly in the morning. In the Rhine Valley, for example, there are still summer values, otherwise there are 20-23 degrees.

The disturbance then leads to heavy rain and occasional thunderstorms. In total, 10 to 50 liters of rain is expected in the north on Sunday morning, and up to about 80 liters in the south.

Total rain until Sunday morning. Photo: MEteonews

Behind the turbulence, there are thick clouds and rainstorms on Sunday in the north, especially along the Alps, while the sun increasingly prevails in the afternoon in the flatlands. Temperatures range between 19 and 23 degrees depending on the sun. In the south, after heavy rain and recent thunderstorms, the weather is very sunny with summers of 25-26 degrees in the afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday The situation is significantly improving. Monday is still a little mixed with showers in the mountains, but temperatures are between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius.

For the summer mark of 25 degrees it is sufficient locally only on Tuesdays. In the south, on the other hand, when the weather is quite sunny, temperatures reach summer values ​​of 27 to 28 degrees.

Wednesday With plenty of sunshine, summer temperatures are widespread in the north as well. So around 25 to 28 degrees can be expected, and the risk of precipitation is only minimal in the mountains. In the south, even the 30-degree heat mark can crack.

Thursday If there is still a lot of sunlight, it gets warmer, locally up to 30 degrees!

Friday weather Photo: meteonews

from friday According to MeteoNews, the development is still a bit uncertain. However, it will probably still be warm in the summer. It is even possible that the very hot air in the western Mediterranean can be exploited and there will be some hot days.

Obviously in the north of next week there will be beautiful summer weather again!

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