May 22, 2024

Weather: Five killed in storm in Canada

Weather: Five killed in storm in Canada

Storm and thunderstorms have wreaked havoc in parts of Canada. At least five people died. More than 600,000 homes have no electricity.

At least five people have been killed in several violent storms and thunderstorms over the weekend in Canada. That Storm According to Canada’s Ministry of Environment, the disaster caused widespread disasters across Ontario and Quebec, with nearly one million homes without power.

Storms kill five people and cause widespread power outages

Winds reached 130 kilometers per hour in the cities of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Such strong storms are rarely considered in the region – the most populous in the country. A series of media reports said that 4 people were killed when the trees fell. A woman was killed when her boat capsized in a tributary of the St. Lawrence River.

Saturday evening (local time) was according to the website Power shortage About 925,000 homes in Ontario and Quebec are without electricity – the highest number in Canada, with a population of 38 million. As of Sunday afternoon, more than 600,000 homes were still without electricity. Electricity provider Hydro One wrote on Twitter that it would take several days to restore supply. (dpa)

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