May 23, 2024

Weather expert says winter will start in Germany

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From: Michael Bray

In March it will be cold again in Germany. The two meteorological factors interact. Will winter start again?

Frankfurt – it Weather Germany shows its sunny side. As the first harbinger of spring, temperatures will climb into the double digits in many places.

Even a meteorologist talked about February’s record heat in the South. But this does not seem to be more than a foreshadowing. The meteorologist’s forecast for March paints the opposite picture: perhaps another cold snap reported.

March Forecast: Weather Outlook for Germany

Two conditions could cause cold air in Germany again, meteorologist Jan Schenk von The Weather Channel explained. A so-called polar vortex split — meaning a polar vortex that splits — is expected to occur in February. This is due to the so-called “Berlin phenomenon”, a sudden warming of the stratosphere. The polar vortex is being pushed toward Europe and warm air is spreading, Schenck explained. As a result of the polar vortex splitting, a smaller vortex eventually settled in North America and a larger vortex settled in Russia.

Will winter come again? (thumbnail) © Sachelle Babbar / Imago Images

“This is actually a particular risk for us. At the same time, we have a forecast of high pressure spreading across Scandinavia,” Schenck continued. The high pressure area over Scandinavia, combined with the breakaway polar vortex, “is all that is needed for a late onset of arctic winter in Germany in March.” and supplies,” predicted the expert.

Weather forecast: Risk of winter in Germany “very high”

However, Schenck also said that conditions have only been met for the start of winter in Germany. Whether this will actually happen in this country cannot be said with 100% certainty. “But the risk of it happening again is very high.” According to Sheng, winter is not over yet in our part of the world.

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Meteorologist Dominique Jung has a similar opinion. He also pointed out the effects of the polar vortex. It was “partially” shared, but according to Jungs, “not sure what was going on there”. But one thing is for sure: the sun’s rays must be enjoyed again in March before it gets frosty again. (mbr)