December 11, 2023

WBO World Championship Savannah Marshall vs Vimek Hermans

WBO World Championship Savannah Marshall vs Vimek Hermans

WBO World Middleweight Champion Savannah Marshall and Vimki Hermans meet tonight’s boxxer event in Newcastle.

Marshall and Hermans are ready to fight in the WBO World Championship

Boxxer promoter Benjamin Shalom, who is currently working on a fight between Chris Eubank and Kell Brook, hosts tonight at Newcastle Arena in the UK. Florian Marko (10-0-1, 6 KOs) and Chris Jenkins (23-4 (1) -3, 8 KOs) won the second main battle of the evening.

For both it is related to the international IBF title. At official weight both were at the welterweight limit. While Marco weighed 66.5 kg, Jenkins weighed 66.2 kg.

In the WBO Middleweight Championship match that night, ‘Silent Assassin’ Savannah Marshall (11-0, 9 KOs) and Femke Hermans (12-3, 5 KOs) collided. Marshall, who has been held the WBO title once by German boxer Christina Hammer since defeating Hannah Rankin in 2020, is a formidable force. The 30-year-old has only had to make ends meet twice so far. Challenger Fimke Hermanns is a Belgian former champion, WBO world super average champion and was awarded the European Blind Union title in December 2020. The 32-year-old Belgian has participated in 4 matches in the World Championships so far.

There were no surprises in the official budget. Britain’s Marshall and Hermans were both in the middleweight range. While challenger Vickey Hermans weighed 71.9 kg, champion Savannah Marshall was slightly lighter at 71.2 kg – although she was 10 cm taller.

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Savannah Marshall
Femme Hermans

If Marshall wins tonight in Newcastle, she could pave the way for one of the greatest women’s boxing matches in history: a match against current World No. 1 BoxRec Clarissa Shields! Shields was present at the weight and is expected in Newcastle tonight.

The show, originally scheduled for March, is being co-hosted with Wasserman Boxing.