December 2, 2023

Beitragsbild zu WatchGuard erweitert Cloud-Plattform um zusätzliche Endpoint-Security-Funktionalitäten

WatchGuard expands its cloud platform with additional security functionality for endpoints

Patch management, encryption, and other device protection-related features are now integrated into WatchGuard Cloud

WatchGuard Technologies significantly advances the vision of creating a centralized IT security platform. Four other endpoint security service modules are integrated into WatchGuard Cloud. The “WatchGuard Patch Management”, “WatchGuard Full Encryption”, “WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool (ART)” and “WatchGuard Data Control” functions are now available to users and partners in this way. An IT security professional provides customers and partners with centralized access to comprehensive security solutions ranging from end-to-end endpoint protection to network security and multi-factor authentication to secure a WLAN.

In this context, WatchGuard targeted the needs of Managed Service Providers (MSP) in particular in his visionAnd As Andrew Young, Senior Vice President of Product Management at WatchGuard confirms: “Through our Unified Security Platform, we currently offer a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art security services to MSP to protect businesses of all sizes. Every additional integration into WatchGuard Cloud – like the current addition of new modules For endpoint security – gives partners and customers the opportunity to implement end-to-end security concepts without friction losses.In their day-to-day business, MSP in particular benefits greatly from centralized and unified management of a wide range of IT security solutions as well as additional cross-selling and cross-selling opportunities that only everyone can benefit from Partners can effectively deploy their IT security services and score on the customer side with tailored increased protection, which can also be flexible and easy to adapt to new requirements.”

By pooling the entire WatchGuard wallet together in WatchGuard Cloud, WatchGuard supports the practice of professional service delivery. The latest integration of Endpoint Security modules into the central management level of the Unified Security Platform further simplifies the provision and control of MSP’s modern security features. Enhanced interaction of all endpoint security servers – WatchGuard EPP (End Point Protection Platform), WatchGuard EDR (End Point Detection and Response) and WatchGuard EPDR (End Point Protection Detection and Response) – is integrated resulting in smoother protection with a high level of efficiency operational protection.

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A quick look at our newly built peripheral security modules:

  • WatchGuard patch management It helps manage security vulnerabilities in operating systems and hundreds of third-party applications on Windows workstations and servers. This not only reduces the attack area. Preventive measures can be better implemented and accidents contained more quickly. Available as an add-on for WatchGuard EPDR, EDR, and EPP.
  • WatchGuard full encryption Allows centralized control and management of encryption of hard disks and USB drives as well as key recovery using BitLocker on Windows systems. Available as an add-on for WatchGuard EPDR, EDR, and EPP.
  • WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool (ART) It provides detailed information about the daily operation of applications and networks as well as about users. This includes predefined queries, dashboards, and endpoint alerts. In addition, administrators can generate specific queries and warnings based on telemetry data for peripheral devices. Available as an add-on for WatchGuard EPDR and EDR.
  • WatchGuard data monitoring* To detect, scan and monitor a variety of unstructured, sensitive or personal data on peripheral devices. Last but not least, this includes custom real-time searches to find files within a given context. Available as an add-on for WatchGuard EPDR and EDR. (*Currently available in Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Ireland).

Thus, WatchGuard Cloud provides comprehensive “protect, detect, and respond” functionality for networks with tens of thousands of peripherals – including expansion options for stalking threats and application services of mistrust. All of these options are available via a central interface. Combined with additional tools such as RapidDeploy and FlexPay, the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform enables solution providers to respond quickly and flexibly to new needs and changing customer requirements at any time—a critical aspect in order to stay ahead in the face of increased competition.

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“Cyber-attacks on end devices continue to increase, and we have a duty to help our customers meet their security requirements. Thanks to the integration of WatchGuard Cloud’s end-to-end security functions, users benefit from comprehensive protection from a single source. Additionally, as a partner, we have the opportunity to expand our services. security, increasing effectiveness and efficiency and sustainably expanding our business,” says Bernd Ochs, Managing Director of BOC IT-Security GmbH, WatchGuard’s platinum partner. “The new endpoint module integration takes into account WatchGuard’s vision to provide customers with a complete and unified security platform.”

In the file overview pages Endpoint – Security – Modulen And WatchGuard Cloud More information is available.