July 12, 2024

Watch the test in dementia: recognize the first signs

Watch the test in dementia: recognize the first signs

Dementia monitoring test evaluation

the Watching dementia test It reveals important information about the test person. He explains:

  • Whether the tested person can understand the instructions.
  • Whether it is able to proceed in a planned manner.
  • How well their visual memory works.
  • Whether he is able to understand and represent a complex pattern consisting of a circle, a disk, and time.

in advanced dementia become frequent The numbers and hands are drawn incorrectly or illegiblyIn severe dementia, patients sometimes write only their names or incoherent words on paper.

Some test subjects place the dial and hour hand correctly, but position the minute hand incorrectly. That’s what it’s called The minute hand phenomenon It could indicate the onset of dementia.

the Dementia monitoring test results According to Schulman, the rating ranges from “1” (perfect) to “6” (no clock representation):

1 point: excellent, no signs of dementia

  • All numbers are entered correctly.
  • The time “10 and 11” is correctly indicated by the position of the hands.

2 points: slight errors in spatial vision

  • Uneven spaces between numbers.
  • Some numbers are outside the circle.
  • Some numbers are upside down.
  • The test person drew guidelines to better orient themselves.

3 points: The time is incorrect despite the correct hour

  • Only one hour hand is shown.
  • The time is written in text (“10 after 11”).
  • There is no specific time.

4 points: mild visual-spatial orientation problems

  • Irregular spaces between numbers.
  • missing numbers.
  • more than 12 digits.
  • Numbers are entered counterclockwise.
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5 points: severe problems with visuospatial orientation

  • In addition to 4 features, other or more obvious distortions appear (additional circles are drawn, etc.).

6 points: no clock is displayed

  • The subject does not paint a clock at all.
  • Acting is not like clockwork

Monitoring testing for dementia is uncomplicated and can be done relatively quickly. Experts agree that it is an effective method for early detection of dementia. Disturbances of spatial perception are a common symptom, especially in dementia. A simple drawing of a clock is a good way to check out these visual-spatial capabilities. Important: Even if you can do a dementia monitoring test at home, the medical diagnosis is part of it, because your vision and hearing must also be checked.

The clock test is often used in conjunction with Mini mental state test (MMSE) used; This combination has proven beneficial in studies. The MMST is a short test for recording cognitive impairments in older adults. It has a high diagnostic significance for the diagnosis of dementia. It is often used as an initial test, especially when dementia is suspected. In addition, it is also used to track the course of the disease.

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