June 20, 2024

Washington and London put their interests ahead of the rights of the Bahraini people

Tehran (IQNA) – A member of the UK Parliament has criticized the US and Britain’s indifference to human rights abuses in Bahrain in a webinar hosted by the European Center for the Defense of Democracy.

According to the IQNA, quoting the Manama Post, Washington and London put forward their own interests rather than the human rights of the Bahraini people. The European Center for Democracy and Human Rights, in collaboration with the University of Westminster, hosted a webinar to mark the 11th anniversary of the beginning of the revolutionary movement in Bahrain.

The seminar, entitled ‘The Arab Spring … The Forgotten Democratic Movement’, was attended by British MP Bamboo Saralambose and academics and human rights activists.

“The British government only cares about itself,” Saralambus said. “So he did not interfere and nothing was done in the Bahrain Craze because they are happy with what is happening.”

He lamented the full censorship of Bahrain’s progress and all the problems and conflicts taking place there: “Human rights are universal and must be implemented in all countries.”

When asked to interview the Bahraini ambassador in London, the British MP said: “All political prisoners in Bahrain should be released without exception, but Bahrain has not responded to these demands. By doing so, human rights should not be compromised under any circumstances.”

“Bahraini authorities opposed the change, and it happened!” Educator Aidan Hirir said. “But what we do not expect is the reaction of human rights organizations and their indifference to human rights abuses in Bahrain.”

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He stressed, “These governments derive their power from the West and continue to support it, so Western nations are somewhat responsible for what happens in those countries. Countries such as the United States, France and the United Kingdom are among the most pro-Western. Bahrain’s put their interests above governance and human rights.

Condemning formal human rights violations in Bahrain, Hirir said: “We also feel sorry for some human rights organizations that claim to be neutral, but human rights violations in Bahrain are simply not being noticed, and Amnesty International is one of them.”

He added: “Britain is trying not to criticize the Bahraini authorities because they do not want their relations with the country to be affected. But Britain and the United States must support human rights in Bahrain. ”

“The revolution in Bahrain has been forgotten, and we thank them for their efforts to keep this message alive in the world,” said Brian Dolly, senior adviser at the first human rights organization.

He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Bahrain, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. So they are silent on the developments in Bahrain and do not care about the killings and torture of the Bahraini people. The United States and Britain still have friendships with countries that massacre their own people. “