December 1, 2023

Was Deschamps Watson playing with airplanes?

USA Today Sports

When trying to list the teams that should be interested in quarterback in Texas Deshawn WatsonIt gets easier to list the teams that shouldn’t be: Bills, Ravens, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Chargers, and Bengals.

The planes should be interested. The New York Post He recently suggested this possibility, with a raucous back page. ”Weaver takes. Watson’s official Instagram account clicked ‘like’ on the photo, prompting many Jets fans to demand the team to trade for Watson.

Social media “liked” on an Instagram image inciting Watson to exit does not mean that Watson wants to play for Jets; This means that he wants to play for a team other than Texas. If / when Texas agrees to attempt to trade Watson, it is unlikely that Watson will land the aircraft.

As noted by Chris Sims on Tuesday PFT Live, Watson will have a great season with the Jets – and it’s very likely Jets 4-12. The team has a lot of other needs. The draft that will go to Houston to complete the deal will make it more difficult to meet those needs.

This is the broader problem that Watson will face, wherever he goes. If a team ditches three picks from the first round to get it, the new Watson team will have three fewer picks in the first round, making it difficult to put a good team around.

However, if Texas decides to try to trade Watson, the best move is to get a list of the teams that Watson will play (a no-trade clause gives him a veto) and then hold an auction for the Watson contract.

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There is constant talk in the league circles that Watson wants to play for the Dolphins. Given that dolphins could send Picking Houston in the first round (third in general) to Texas as part of the trade, Miami could undertake the trade without undermining its ability to put a competitive team on the field.

So, basically, while Jets fans are competing to trade Watson from Houston, the bad news might be that he’s traded with a team that the Jets play twice every year.