November 28, 2023

War arrives in Destiny 2 with the season of The Chosen

War arrives in Destiny 2 with the season of The Chosen

Today Bungie released the latest season for Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen. In this season, players can win powerful new Legend and Alien gear, try new and rewind hits, use the Trial Hammer on Cabal, and fight for glory in the new “Battlegrounds” activity. The season of Mukhtar continues until May 11th.

Empress Caitel, daughter of Kalos and the head of the Kabbal, asks Zavala and offers the vanguard an alliance. When Zavala refuses to kneel, negotiations fail. Now the Rangers must become the spearhead in attacking the growing Caiatl army while still repelling the destabilizing influence of Xivu Arath.

In Season of the Chosen, Guardians of Caiatl’s Chosen Warriors takes on Battlefields, a three-player matchmaking activity. At the start of the thirteenth season, the Cosmodrome hits the “Devil’s Den” and the “Fallen Saber” returns from the original fate. As the season progresses, a new Strike “Proving Grounds” will unlock, pitting the heroes of humanity against the best Cabal team to determine the fate of the last city.

Season Pass holders instantly activate the “Ticuus divination”, which charges multiple Solar Arrows with different goals simultaneously. They also get a seasonal wallet armor set. Plus, Season 13 contains over 25 weird and legendary weapons and rituals to collect.

More information is available on the chosen season Here.