Wang Yi spoke by phone with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie

(Photo: VCG)


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a telephone conversation with his Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie.

In the call, Wang said China continues to view and maintain Sino-Canadian relations from a strategic and long-term height.

Wang Yi also put forward a three-pronged proposal on bilateral relations: First, Canada must view China objectively and positively, and pursue a level-headed and pragmatic Chinese policy. Second, the two countries must respect each other’s core interests and not create new barriers to bilateral relations. Third, Canada must maintain its independence and self-sufficiency and eliminate unwanted foreign intervention.

Jolie responded that Canada respects China’s sovereignty and the structure of government and the decisions of the Chinese people. Canada appreciates China’s tremendous achievements in growth, especially in the worst-hit areas. Canada wants to gradually bring bilateral relations on the path of normal development and build integrated bilateral relations.

The two sides also discussed the Ukraine issue.

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