June 14, 2024

Walking issues: Can the Queen attend Philip's memorial?

Walking issues: Can the Queen attend Philip’s memorial?

Is Queen Elizabeth II (95) fit enough to stand on her own two feet? In recent weeks, the royal head of the United Kingdom has repeatedly struggled with his health: at first he contracted an infection and now it seems that the king has problems walking without a walker. However, there is a special event on the Queen’s schedule for next Tuesday – the commemoration of her late husband Prince Philip (99). if she Queen can participate?

Already when receiving guests at Windsor Castle, the old woman had to support herself on a walking stick. The wheelchair probably won’t fit the memorial at Westminster Abbey – he’ll come for them Queen But it is absolutely out of the question. how daily Mail She mentioned that she was very proud to be pushed on two wheels. In addition, there is also a great fear of taking pictures like her sister Princess Margaret (✝71), who was no longer able to walk independently after her stroke.

Apparently, however, plans have already been made for how the celebration will be held. Accordingly, the Queen Fly from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace by helicopter. However, she denies the way to the church in the car. Screens should obscure the view if the 95-year-old is pushed into church in a wheelchair – Then she can sit again.

Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle in February 2022
The Queen in May 2021
Queen Elizabeth II in October 2021