June 20, 2024

Votes in "clear violation of international law": Great Britain decides on further sanctions

Votes in “clear violation of international law”: Great Britain decides on further sanctions

Four Ukrainian regions are closing in on referendums on possible annexation into the Russian Federation. The last time you can vote is this Tuesday. Kyiv and the West talk about fake referendums that violate international law and whose results are not recognized.

Voting ends on Tuesday

So far, election committee members have visited people with hand-held caskets and polling stations have also been opened on the last day of voting. According to local administrations appointed by Moscow, participation in all four regions exceeded 50 percent in some cases, so the results were considered valid by the electoral commission.

In response to the referendums, the UK government has decided to impose sanctions on companies and 92 Russian nationals, many of whom were directly involved in the referendum, which London says is a clear violation of international law and the United Nations Charter. .

Will Putin address the chambers of parliament on Friday?

Expected according to the Russian news agency TASSPresident Vladimir Putin will address both houses of parliament this weekend on votes in four Ukrainian regions and a possible merger with Russia.

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