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Walter Ruhrl suggests the end of Sebastian Vettel’s career

Sebastian Vettel driving an Aston Martin in Formula 1. He said in a recent BBC interview that he sees himself as a hypocrite.

Photo: Daniel Cole/AP/keystone-sda.ch

Both are motorsport legends: Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1 and 75-year-old Walter Ruhrl as a rally driver. In the German tabloid Bild, the resident of Thurgau is now criticized for Vettel’s strong commitment to environmental protection.

“I once wondered what happened to him. But if I think about it after 15 years in motorsport and now think I’m an environmental polluter, then I should stop, that’s it,” says Ruhrl in an interview with Bild.

“It is hard for him to complain that he wants to do something for the environment and at the same time fly around the world with Formula 1. Then you have to constantly adjust your life accordingly.”

Walter Ruhrl is a multiple world rally champion.

Walter Ruhrl is a multiple world rally champion.

Photo: Wikipedia

Walter Rohrl also refers to an interview with Sebastian Vettel with the “BBC” a few weeks ago, in which he admitted that he now sees himself as a hypocrite because he continues to drive Formula 1. At the same time Vettel also defended his sport in the conversation because it was for entertainment and helped the fans especially during the pandemic. .

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