Volkswagen wants to compete with Ford, Rivian and Hummer with electric pickup trucks

US customers seem to have gotten used to the growing number of electric trucks faster than expected. GM has already received nearly 70,000 orders for an electric Hummer and is clearly surprised by the surge in demand.

Americans generally love pickups, and the highly successful Ford F-150 is already available as an electric Lightning. There are also new brands like Rivian and Tesla that have already announced an electric truck.

The Volkswagen Group doesn’t want to step aside here and is now also announcing its intention to bring an electric pickup truck.

Vehicles are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States for US customers. A separate, independent company will be established in the United States before the end of this year. Prototypes will be presented next year. Serial production is scheduled to begin in 2026. VW will revive the Scout name for upcoming electric vehicles. The electrified Scout brand will build on the concept of a new technical platform that can be used to create more authentic pickup trucks and RUVs than Volkswagen Group’s current range, according to Wolfsburg.

In addition to the pickup, there should also be a powerful electric SUV of the R-SUV segment.

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