Volkswagen: doors open while driving! Automaker remembers this model

Massive VW recall: The automaker must now recall more than 16,000 vehicles in the USA and Canada. The reason: While driving, the doors can open in an electric model.

Here you can read which Volkswagen model is affected and why the doors simply open.

Volkswagen dealers should no longer sell ID models

It comes to ID.4. As I wrote “Auto, Motor, Sport,” Volkswagen has asked its dealers in America and Canada to stop selling the electric car. Because while driving, car doors can open uncontrollably. There is also another problem: customers may want to get into their car but can no longer open the doors from the outside.

+++ VW bosses should make use of the money – the staff reacts strongly +++

The first door problems appeared with a US Volkswagen model as early as January 2023. The group then spoke to the supplier from Japan who supplies the door parts.

The control panel is causing the Volkswagen problem

It is said that an electrical control board is to blame. If the part comes into contact with moisture, the doors should simply open. The control does not have sufficient moisture protection.

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