December 11, 2023

Volcanic eruption: strange ash rings over La Palma

Volcanic eruption: strange ash rings over La Palma

Volcano smoke rings

For more than two weeks now, the volcano at Cumbre Vieja has been spitting out lava, smoke, ash and magma fragments. The lava flow not only expanded the island of La Palma by 30 hectares, but also buried about 367 hectares of land. how now Satellite images from NASA’s Earth Observatory Show, there was a strange effect at times: around October 1, rings of ash formed over the island. The reason for this phenomenon According to experts from the Izaña Center for Atmospheric Research in Tenerife reverse layer. The plume of hot ash and hot gas erupted collided with a warm, dry layer of desert air at an altitude of about 5.3 km. Then the volcanic ash flowed along this layer. Since the volcano does not eject material with a constant density, but in the form of bursts, rings are formed along the overturning layer.

as NASA Citing the Institute of Volcanoes of the Canary Islands, it reported that the volcano at La Palma has become more active again since October 2. A little later, satellite images showed that the ash and gas plume is currently flowing south. According to experts, it climbed about three kilometers. and thus not high enough to have a lasting effect on stratospheric and weather events. However, aircraft should avoid the area.

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