June 24, 2024

Vitamin D deficiency: these are the symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency: these are the symptoms

Many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency especially in the winter months, but how exactly does this deficiency manifest?

The basics in brief

  • Many people are deficient in Vitamin D during the winter months.
  • Those affected have a weakened immune system, hair loss, fatigue and other symptoms.

Vitamin D is essential for bone health and strengthens the immune system. However, the vitamin can only be taken in small amounts through food. Most of them are performed by UV rays from the sun registered.

in a winter time However, the rays are usually too weak to provide the body with sufficient energy. Many people develop what is known as a vitamin D deficiency. There are some symptoms that can be attributed to this deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency: symptoms

If you are sick often, you likely have too little vitamin D in your body, “Bunte” wrote. also Chronic fatigue Weak bones are a symptom of deficiency.

Do you suffer from vitamin D deficiency?

If your hair falls out in the winter, this could also be due to a vitamin D deficiency. In addition, studies indicate that severe muscle pain might happen.

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