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The United States is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. The country has more than a million international students studying in top universities. As a future international student, here is everything you need to know about studying in the USA.



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150 US universities belong to the QS World University Rankings 2020 Among the best in the world.

We have all heard of Ivy League universities in the United States. In addition to higher education standards, research and athletic institutions are an important feature of American university culture. The United States is a land of opportunity as some of the world’s largest companies are based here. Therefore, even after studying at an American university, there is an opportunity for further development in this country.

The main registration time in the United States is fall and spring. Fall enrollment begins in August and most courses are available. The fall semester in the United States is most popular with international students.

Spring (or winter) admission begins in January, and students who miss fall admission in the US can opt for winter admission, although not all courses offered in the fall are offered in the winter. There is also a summer course (May), but it has a very limited selection of courses.

The application process in the US varies from university to university, but in most cases students can apply online. Most of the documents, like a scanned copy of your passport, academic certificates, essays, etc. should be uploaded to the online application portal of the respective university.

American universities are not known for being affordable, but considering the quality of education, the cost of studying is well worth it. The average cost of studying in the United States for an associate’s degree (2 years) is $3,660 per year.

For four years of study, public colleges cost $26,290 annually while private colleges cost $35,830 annually. In addition, there are costs of accommodation and food in universities.

The average cost for a master’s degree (MS) ranges from $28,000 to $40,000 per year. MBA programs are more expensive (between $70,000 and $150,000 for an MBA from one of the best business schools in the United States).

Once you have been accepted by a university in the United States, you will be able to submit your visa application. There are many Eligible Visas to Study in the United States. The F visa is suitable for foreign students enrolled at a recognized US institution. Students studying in the United States on an exchange program can apply for a J visa. The M-Visa is designed for students who wish to complete technical or vocational training.

To the View USA . profile To apply, you must first complete Form D-160. Then you can make an appointment at the US embassy or consulate and have to come for the interview.

If you prefer to travel to the United States first to learn about the university and the city where you will study, you can go with one He is Travel to the United States. ESTA is an electronic travel permit that is easy to apply for.

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