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Brazil will reintroduce visa requirements for citizens of the United States, Japan, Australia and Canada. The Brazilian Foreign Ministry will inform the governments of the four countries of the decision on Thursday (9th) and then publicly announce the move. The decision suspends a unilateral decision by former President Jair Mesias Bolsonaro’s government in June 2019 to ease tourism. Brazilians still need a visa to visit the four countries. A diplomatic source explained that the 2019 decision to remove visa requirements weakened Brazil’s ability to negotiate with these countries.

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Brazilian government surveys showed the impact on tourism numbers was minimal, although the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic may also have limited the potential boom. The number of tourists from Brazil – in 2022 – The number of tourists from Brazil – in 2022 was still lower than in 2018. Meanwhile, the number of Japanese tourists fell by 4.5 percent in 2019 and is expected to reach only 17,000 tourists in 2022. Brazil.

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