November 29, 2023

Vienna nuclear talks with Iran continue on Monday

Vienna nuclear talks with Iran continue on Monday

It is scheduled to participate in the meeting representatives from several countries. The United States will stay away from direct talks for the time being.

Talks to save the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran are set to resume on Monday in Vienna. This was announced by a high-ranking representative of Russia and the European Union’s External Action Service on Thursday.

“The habit of doing serious business at Christmas and New Year is unpopular,” Russian envoy Mikhail Ulyanov wrote on Twitter. “In this particular case, this is an indication that all negotiators are not wasting time and are seeking to get the #JCPOA back as quickly as possible,” he added, using the deal’s acronym, “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

The EU External Action Service announced that the meeting will be attended by representatives from China, France, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and Iran. No direct talks are planned between Iran and the United States, which withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018.

“Participants will continue discussions about the possible return of the United States to the JCPOA and the full and effective implementation of the agreement by all parties,” the State Department said.


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