June 21, 2024

Vienna as a dynamic center for business and science – CIMunity: Conference and Incentive Management

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Vienna has developed strongly since the turn of the millennium.

The high quality of life and excellent infrastructure make the city an attractive city Work site For international companies. The city occupies a distinguished position, especially in the areas of life sciences, creative industries and ICT sectors. Vienna also offers ideal conditions and first-class location characteristics for scientific meetings and conferences, making the city one of the leading event locations.

Ideal conditions for knowledge-intensive industries

Vienna It has recorded strong growth and will exceed the two million population mark in 2023. The high start-up activity of about 9,000 new companies every year makes the city attractive for international companies. More than half of global companies expanding into Austria choose Vienna as the location for their headquarters in Central and Eastern Europe. With 23 universities, the city provides ideal conditions for various economic sectors, especially knowledge-intensive fields such as life sciences, urban technologies, creative industries and information and communication technologies (ICT).

A distinguished center for research infrastructure

Global pharmaceutical companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim and Takeda Pharmaceuticals have chosen Vienna as a location for important R&D centers and have made significant investments in the process.

These decisions demonstrate confidence in Vienna’s excellent research infrastructure. The city’s research share of 3.6% of the gross regional product exceeds European Union targets.

Ideal conditions for startups

The city is considered one of the leading ICT cities in Europe, with a focus on artificial intelligence, embedded systems, visualization and IT security. More than 40% of Austria’s creative sector companies are located in Vienna, which equates to more than 17,000 companies. Therefore, Vienna also provides ideal conditions for startups. The Startup Festival is held in Vienna every year ViennaUP It is one of the largest of its kind in Europe, covering a wide range from technology and artificial intelligence to sustainability and social innovation.

Awarded several times as “The most livable city in the world

Vienna offers a unique combination of cultural diversity, cosmopolitanism and high quality of life and is currently ranked according to several important classifications “The most livable city in the world.” The urban environment features free, family-friendly all-day kindergartens, international schools and many recreational activities, including 1,700 playgrounds and nearly 1,000 public parks. Excellent Public transportation system Covering nearly 1,000 kilometres, it is not only reliable and accurate, but also affordable. Vienna also offers a wide selection A range of cultural offerings From contemporary art to opera and performance theatre.

In the annual global study of the global consulting company Mercer on the quality of life in major citiesVienna will reach the top spot again in 2023. Until the pandemic-related hiatus in 2019, Vienna held this top ranking for 10 years in a row. Vienna once again maintains its first place in the world Economists Unit. The EIU compares more than 100 major cities around the world every year in its Global Liveability Index ranking. Vienna was the first European capital to take first place in 2018. After 2019 and 2022, Vienna will also rank first in 2023 as the most liveable city in the world.

Vienna Ringstrasse | Photo: Vienna Tourism Board Christian Stemper