June 17, 2024

Video: Queen Elizabeth won't have to go to dates alone

Video: Queen Elizabeth won’t have to go to dates alone

Queen Elizabeth
After Prince Philip dies, she receives support from the family

Queen Elizabeth will accompany the family members on future events.


Queen Elizabeth lost her husband, Prince Philip. Now her family is ready to accompany her on upcoming appointments.

Queen Elizabeth, 94, is a tough woman. She had been performing her duties as Queen of the United Kingdom for decades. Until now, one person had always been standing by her – Prince Philip. Her husband died on April 9 at the age of 99, leaving her with a “huge void,” her son Prince Andrew said in an interview.

Queen Elizabeth: She is not alone

But while her family and close friends stand by her side during the two-week period of mourning, they must also support the Queen afterwards with dates and events. In the video, you can see the royals who have already agreed to help and who will not be left alone.

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