July 13, 2024

Video identification when searching for a job is extremely dangerous

Video identification when searching for a job is extremely dangerous

ID Video Looking for a job?

Video ID in the application process? Something is wrong here. Photo: Andrea Warnecke / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

Because criminals are specifically looking for unsuspecting job seekers who want with their help to carry out illegal acts, including money laundering. Wrong offers don’t just come by email, but according to LKA they can be found on job boards. Often times, supposed custodians or testers of products are sought.

Left: Fraudsters often misuse the identity of established and reputable companies, painstakingly rebuild entire websites in order to deceive their victims, and even misuse the company’s fingerprint in question including the address and CR number.

It is best not to participate at all

You can save yourself a lot of trouble if you simply participate in a video identification process at a bank when you want to open an account there yourself. This is not unusual in the context of an application. If – for whatever reason – it does happen to be a video id, one thing matters, regardless of how you were informed in advance: You have to be clear about what it’s supposed to be.

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For example: “I am applying for a job and must introduce myself.” This way, the video identification service provider can identify identity misuse and stop the fraudulent account opening.

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In principle, LKA advises against sending personal and sensitive data to strangers. This included scanned ID cards, payroll slips or selfies with ID cards.

Quick rendering is important

Anyone who has fallen into scams and has already worked as a “trustee” or opened an account without knowledge using the video ID should inform the local police as soon as possible, preferably using screenshots of the job advertisement and printing mail.

It is also important to inform the credit institutions involved – if they are known – according to the LKA. This is especially true for your bank, where suspicious reports of money laundering can quickly emerge.

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