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Celebrations are over: not only for John Bertha (left) and Franz-David Fritzmeier, the lion’s work has long since resumed. © Nadine Roith / Jan Huebner

Preparations for the DEL for the promoted Lions have already begun. Still looking for a new coach – more than half a dozen top artists.

Frankfurt has no ice cream, but instead there are slides where you can bake other discs or wooden balls, above all: “It’s like medicine balls,” says John Barda, and he’s excited when he talks about it. Working conditions speak for themselves, and he finds himself with representatives of the young Frankfurt Lions at the Athletic Hall in Galbach. The newly promoted DEL assistant coach said of the Lions’s recently used sports facility to lay the groundwork for new challenges arising in the first class of German ice hockey: “That’s what we need. Will be launched.

On August 12 (7:30 pm) the prestigious club and former arch-rival Adler Mannheim will attend the first Test match, as the Lions have now announced – with four other dates: at the Beatheim Steelers (September 2), Svenninger Wild Wings (September 4) and Colner Hyun (September 9) as well as a costume rehearsal for the second home game (September 11) against Dresner Islowen. Preparations for this are underway, with Kalpak, Canada and behind the scenes, a lot has already been done. For example, licensing has begun, and there is every reason to be in good spirits at Lowen’s camp and to believe that the league will say yes by the end of June. And most of the team is already there.

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The 16 champions from DEL 2 go on top with the Lions, so far three newcomers have been officially announced. “It’s important to show ourselves with positive vibes as a motivator. That’s why we have so many players who take the impression we have created as a team,” explains sports director Franz-David Fritzmeier. “Now we need some more, which really helps us in their quality.” With at least three defenders and three strikers still missing until the start of the season, the best performing players and most of them professionals without German passports will fill one of the nine possible positions in the DEL.

Replacing the head coach position after splitting from Bo Subr applies to all of them, just as Fritzmeier laid down the need for the most critical open staff issue. “The head coach must accept that we’re not Esparen Berlin or Adler Mannheim, but a club with mature structures and a lot of talent, and see it as an opportunity to offer it to him,” the sports director explains. In this context it is possible to input. “Expect when the coach selection will take place?” Of course tomorrow, but I do not care if it takes four weeks or more, “Fritzmeier said.” It’s important that we find the best solution. “

Bertha and fitness coach David Dupeel emphasize that the new boss is setting himself up as a team player with proven supervisors, Lasso Joginen and longtime tribesmen. Marko Suvelo, Fritzmeier himself. There is a new goalie and video coach behind Voltaire Salo. “The head coach is important, but not a one-person show,” Fritzmeier says. “The coach is often involved in assembling the team. But in our situation, the coach he coaches should also apply to the staff.”

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Meanwhile, most of the second-place champions began work, long after – 16 May, three and a half weeks after the final DEL-2 victory in Ravensburg. “We are in a lively exchange with every player, even those who are not there,” Barta said. Many lions are preparing for summer in their Canadian homeland, and they may have been adjusted based on feedback according to individually designed training programs. Anyone who stays in Frankfurt trains at Calbag three days a week and Club Partner Prime Time Fitness two days a week, from whom he has been appointed as the coach for the DuPont lions: youngsters like Marcus Fries or Constantine Vogt, and goalkeeper Bastian Kuchis. , Seven, eight players in total this time.

“We make sure we get the most fit players you can build for Frankfurt in the summer,” Barta explains. On August 1st, when things happen in Rhodesway and two or three weeks earlier than usual when the snow is ready. Old acquaintances from Mannheim will give a strong first-class forecast within two weeks.

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