July 15, 2024

Version 91 closes known security vulnerabilities

Version 91 closes known security vulnerabilities

Version 91 removes some security vulnerabilities in Google Chrome. As usual, hard-working finders will be rewarded.

The basics are in brief

  • The latest version of Google Chrome 91 was available recently.
  • It removes many security vulnerabilities from the road.

The past few days for PC, Mac and Linux And the Male in appearance Google Chrome 91 version. iOS– Users still have to settle for the trial version. But what does the new version actually change?

In the first place I will use the update All security vulnerabilities Locked, which has become known since the release of version 90.

There are 32 holes in total. 20 of them were received from outside destinations via «Bug Bounty Programm» From The Google Have been reported. Means: Anyone who reports a previously unknown vulnerability will be rewarded.

Eight of the reported gaps were identified with a “high” risk level. Seven with “medium” and five with “low.”

The security researcher who reported the most dangerous of these vulnerabilities obtained 20,000 from the giant search engine Dollars. 500 Dollars Turned over to Google because of the “most innocuous vulnerability”.

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